Able Sarathi

Connecting Quality Vehicles to Quality Customers

What is AbleSarathi?

AbleSarathi is AbleCold Logistics' initiative to improve inter-city reefer placement in India.


Cold chain transporters struggle with finding suitable shipments at the right time, leading to halting their vehicles for days or making empty return trips. On the other hand, customers struggle with finding good quality transporters and vehicles at the right time, right place and right price.


AbleSarathi is AbleCold's initiative to solve the supply-demand mismatch. For select vetted transport partners, we publish their vehicle availability via AbleSarathi's platform to a large set of customers, who can then book these trips, even before the vehicle lands in their city.


For Transport Partners

Prompt and hassle-free payments


Higher kms run and income from each vehicle


Access to new locations across the country


Access to new market segments




For Customers

Hassle-free booking and placement of vehicles


Competitive rates


Quality inspected vehicles and transport partners


Qualified and experienced AbleCold team available 24 X 7


How Does It Work?

If You Have Reefers

Step 4



Our team will take care of getting the bookings

If You Need Reefers

Step 2



Our team will contact you with the vehicle placement details